Game Rules



The table game determines win or lose by comparing the size of card instead of its suit. K is the maximum, while Ace is the minimum.

Playing Method

The game shares eight cards, and players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Dragon odd, Dragon even, Tiger odd, Tiger even, Dragon red, Dragon black, Tiger red, as well as Tiger black. The dealer sends two doorplates only as dragon and tiger. The factions each door only send a card to compare which one is larger.

Playing rules

Ace stands for 1 point; J is 11 points; Q stands for 12 points; K stands for 13 points. It divides into single or double by the count of card.

Playing rules

Spades and Clubs are black colors, while Hearts and Diamonds are red colors, dividing into red and black on the board of card.

Playing Species

Bet Type Description Rate
Bet with Dragon Player loses the half of bet amount when game results Tie. 1:1
Bet with Tiger Player loses the half of bet amount when game results Tie. 1:1
Bet with Tie Player wins 8 times of the bet when game results Tie. 1:8
Bet with Dragon Single Over the 30th round of each time, it is not acceptable to bet with single double or with red black. 1:0.75
Bet with Dragon Double 1:1.05
Bet with Tiger Single 1:0.75
Bet with Tiger Double 1:1.05
Bet with Dragon Red 1:0.9
Bet with Dragon Black 1:0.9
Bet with Tiger Red 1:0.9
Bet with Tiger Black 1:0.9
※When appear Tie Game,Bets on Dragon Tiger area will be refunded by half.